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To love and be loved

I have a guest poet on my blog today. My daughter Hannah, who turns 20 in a week and leaves me with no more teenage children, wrote a poem of remembrance about our Sadie. Dallis and I like it a lot, especially the part about “spinning and spinning and spinning,” which always made us laugh. Thanks, Hannah!


Cradled in your arms
She knew she was home
And would never leave your side

A fuzzy ball radiating joy
No words can capture her spirit
But just follow the trail of smiles- you’ll see
And at the center will be those special few
Blessed to feel her warmth on their lap
Her tongue on their cheek (or probably up their nose)
And her eyes penetrating right through to their soul

Eager ears, quivering little body
Spinning and spinning and spinning
Because every time she spun she got to see you come home one more time
And there’s nothing she loved more than greeting you at the door
Erasing your worries, healing your hurts
Forgiving your absence because you’re there now and that’s all that matters
To love and be loved so completely is a magical thing

Cradled in your arms
She left this world
But she will never leave your heart

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  1. marian kaser

    Beautifully put Hannah, and the last part is especially true. Happy BIrthday next week!!

  2. Ray Bracken

    A lovely poem Hannah, and a wonderful way to express your fond memories of Sadie.
    We wish you a very Happy 20th Birthday! (It’s also Sonya’s birthday, but she’s a little older)

    Ray & Sonya

  3. Lori Kenward

    That was very sweet, Hannah.

  4. Steve

    I really liked that poem and thought it spoke of some special moments and feelings. Nice insights and touching to read. Thanks, Hannah.


    Hannah….this was so beautiful.

    You took me there…through every single word that was written to describe Sadie’s life.

    In her lifetime, Sadie lived everyone’s dream…..with the exception of being a “puppy tissue for one’s nose”…but other than that, her life was perfect.

    Without ever having met Sadie, she was loved more than most. The family and friends that had the pleasure of touching her soft fur and enjoying those Sadie kisses and even more than that…the total strangers who so loved Sadie as well. For so many who did not even know Sadie in person, yet loved her, speaks volumes.

    She was special, that Sadie girl. That Sadie Sadie pretty girl. You, too, are special Hannah for writing these beautiful words.

    You most definitely can tell you are…….Dal’s Poet’s Daughter !!!

    God Bless you and your family and once again, I’m so sorry this had to happen to all of you. : (
    The good thing though is that her last day on Earth was so special. God gave everyone such a special treat…in celebrating Sadie’s last day…in such a glorious way….with her. HE even helped remind your Dad to bring the camera. : )

  6. Dianne Lynn

    Two poets in the Richardson clan! Beautiful. Thanks, Hannah! Blessings, D

  7. Thank you to you all for reading Hannah’s poem and for your kind words! She’s coming home from college this weekend for her birthday, so I will be sure she sees what you have written.

  8. Great talent runs wonderfully through your lovely family. Thank you to Hannah for this work of art. And to Sadie, gone yet always remembered. Pets are such wise teachers for us.

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