Reflections of a poet, preacher, and contemplative activist

Peace begins in you


Peace begins in you –
in your soft eyes,
your tender heart,
your compassionate spirit.

You are made for peace –
peace with God, others, yourself.
You are able to receive peace, know peace,
even be peace, if you will.

Peace is Christ’s gift to you and in you.
So far as it depends on you,
live from deep within that gift.

Do not counter anger with anger.
Extend the hand of forgiveness
to the one who offends you.

See in the other’s eyes a child of God.
Listen to your neighbor’s pain, listen.
Practice kindness, patience, and self-control.

Be gentle with yourself.
Be gentle with others.

You are an instrument in the hands of God.
Today peace begins with you.

Words (c) 2004 Mark Lloyd Richardson
Photo (c) 2012 Dallis Day Richardson

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  1. snowbirdpress


  2. Spectacular! Lovely post and gorgeous message. :)

  3. Ray Bracken

    Wonderful advice beautifully written. I especially like the line: “You are an instrument in the hands of God.”

  4. Thankyou. Beautiful. It also reminds me of the saying “Be the change you want to see”; most of us want peace, and it takes effort to start with ourselves. But that is the only thing we can change.

    • Yes, and when we change ourselves, there is a ripple effect on the world around us! Thanks for your comment. Blessings, Mark

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