Reflections of a poet, preacher, and contemplative activist

A Prayer for the New Year


A Prayer for the New Year

“Surely goodness and kindness shall follow me all the days of my life” ~ Ps. 23:6a

Step bravely into a new year.
Release the hurts others have done to you.
Break free of those who consistently cause you harm.
Unburden yourself of grievances you have been unable to forgive.

Give yourself wholly to the pursuit of living your life, not someone else’s.
Sink your feet into the ground of all being, where it is enough to simply be you.
Be profoundly grateful at the sheer miracle of being alive.
Taste the sweetness of divine grace that accepts you exactly as you are.

Play no one’s fool.
Seek wisdom humbly and persistently.
Refuse to placate people just to avoid conflict.
Never surrender your joy without a fight.

Run, don’t walk, toward real beauty, wherever you discover it.
Listen deeply for the still, small voice that resonates within you.
Pay attention to your feelings – they are indicators of your wellbeing.
Trust that there is an inner guide in each of us.

Sin boldly.
Forge ahead knowing you will make lots of mistakes.
Learn from them.
Throw yourself with utter abandon in the adventure of living.

Remember – goodness and kindness are following you.

Words and photo © 2014 Mark Lloyd Richardson

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  1. Lor

    I love this poem, Mark. Thank you for starting the new year off with this.

  2. Dallis

    Wow. These are wonderful lessons for life! Thank you, honey, for being who YOU are!

    • Thanks, sweetheart! You are one of my teachers.

      • Dallis

        Probably the “sin boldly” part, huh?

  3. Yep, Dallis, that’s the part!

  4. Thank you for the gentle reminder to drink of the cup of abundant life, and to embrace each day for what it has to offer.

  5. What a beautiful Prayer…
    full of Wisdom from the language only the heart speaks
    I really like it…speaks of a wonderful New Year….
    in the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Horse, I believe will begin with the continuing
    de-cluttering of things, thoughts and even people…
    today I hear on more..a de-cluttering of one’s Soul
    which I think is where my Spirit stumbled and has been wandering in suspended animation
    there was so much junk, there was no way to see which way was up…or down…
    yes I am aware I am rambling ;) I do that quite often…
    Thank you for thoughts to think as the Lunar New Year that rides in on waves of emotions
    comes in on the High Tides
    Take Care….You Matter…

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