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It’s tough being a dog!

You have to stick close to your owner.

You have to be vigilant and protect her from harm.

You have to give her the feeling that she is never alone (that’s right, never).

You have to eat on a schedule and not complain if there’s ever a lack of culinary creativity.

You have to take your medicine (that’s right, you heard me).

And then there’s the incessant studying – study this, study that. Sometimes it’s a new recipe (always for human food, mind you). Other times it’s a difficult piece of choral music, or some magazine called O, or a challenging word game. It’s always something, believe me.

Yesterday, for example, my owner was reading the Psalms for a class at church, and I thought I’d help.

First, the strategic positioning in the center of the activity!

Then, well, I may as well get comfortable I suppose!

This is technically called the “osmosis learning system.”

Aahhhh, now to catch a few zzzzzzzzzzzzz in between pages!

Part of dog played by Sadie, the wonder Pomeranian.

Part of owner played by my beautiful wife Dallis.