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“Brief is life but love is long” ~ Tennyson

Just a few months after Dallis and I were married in May of 2003, Sadie entered our lives as a very small bundle of furry affection. For nearly eight-and-a-half years, our little girl worked her magic and stole our hearts! It’s hard to overstate the power of unconditional love.

Whatever challenges life brought our way, she was always there to greet us with unbridled joy! I’ll let you in on a secret – joy is contagious. So is love. Herein lies the greatest gift I believe our pets give us – their stubborn devotion to us in ways that make us want to be better, more giving and whole human beings.

If we had known on Sadie’s last day on earth this past Monday that it was her last day, what would we have done?

We would have done her very favorite things – a long walk among the evergreens in Waller Park and then perhaps lunch on the patio at Novo Restaurant overlooking the creek in San Luis Obispo. As a special treat we would have invited some family to join us in simply enjoying this beautiful world together one last time. If we had known…

Do you believe in miracles?

Some of you are nodding yes. Or you may be among the skeptics. I wasn’t sure myself.

I think God uses ordinary people and situations to communicate God’s timeless message – Love wins! God uses other creatures too. Meister Eckhart once wrote: “Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God. Every creature is a word of God.”

Most people seldom open a Bible – it’s daunting, problematic, and not above serious criticism. However most people, if they see a kindness done, a blessing offered, a hurt forgiven, a relationship valued, or a love unconditionally shared, will at least entertain the possibility that a Higher Power or a Deeper Compassion or a Stronger Grace than any of us reveals to us how to live in life-affirming ways with one another.

You see we did not know that it was Sadie’s last day when we took her on a long walk in Waller Park among the evergreens.

We did not know it was her last day when we brought her with us to have lunch at her favorite eating establishment overlooking the creek.

And we did not know it was her last day when Dallis’ sister Lori and brother-in-law Alec and my daughter Hannah came to have lunch with us before heading back home and to college hours away.

Sadie could not possibly have dreamed up a better day than all of that!

Lastly, I never remember to bring my camera places. This day, inexplicably, I did bring it with me to lunch, and after lunch we took a few photos creek-side. These are the last pictures we have of our sweet Sadie with some of those she showered with love.

Consider me a believer!