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I have a guest poet on my blog today. My daughter Hannah, who turns 20 in a week and leaves me with no more teenage children, wrote a poem of remembrance about our Sadie. Dallis and I like it a lot, especially the part about “spinning and spinning and spinning,” which always made us laugh. Thanks, Hannah!


Cradled in your arms
She knew she was home
And would never leave your side

A fuzzy ball radiating joy
No words can capture her spirit
But just follow the trail of smiles- you’ll see
And at the center will be those special few
Blessed to feel her warmth on their lap
Her tongue on their cheek (or probably up their nose)
And her eyes penetrating right through to their soul

Eager ears, quivering little body
Spinning and spinning and spinning
Because every time she spun she got to see you come home one more time
And there’s nothing she loved more than greeting you at the door
Erasing your worries, healing your hurts
Forgiving your absence because you’re there now and that’s all that matters
To love and be loved so completely is a magical thing

Cradled in your arms
She left this world
But she will never leave your heart