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Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day, and of course, the Irish are known for their blessings!

I am not Irish, but I have heard that on this day of celebration, we can all claim to be Irish for a day! In that spirit, I share the following blessing. After writing it, I realized the words were an invitation or challenge to more fully appreciate the blessedness of all life.


An Invitation Cleverly Disguised as a Blessing

May you find room in God’s irreplaceable creation
to fully explore life’s paths of being and becoming!

May you grasp the immensity of God’s love for you –
a love opening wide the door for you to live your best life!

May you dare to be real, and understand the greatest gift
one person can give another is one’s authentic self!

May you be blessed with steadfast friends
who love you in spite of your imperfections!

May you comprehend the holy adventure that life is –
an adventure demanding your utmost devotion!

May you recognize in this glorious gift of being alive
a measure of your responsibility to live deeply into grace!

Photo above by Dallis Richardson, taken at Ragged Point, north of San Simeon, California.
Words (c) 2012, Mark Lloyd Richardson. All rights reserved.