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Some days when I awaken the sun does not greet me,
Its light hidden behind clouds of doubt and confusion,
Its warming rays unable to reach me.
The sky barely visible through the fog,
I worry what my life and my children’s lives may be
As fear mounts its wild horse and rides the earth.

Yet with eyes watching God I receive the day,
I look out of grace’s window upon the wide world.
Then the rock calmly emerges from the bay fog
In resolute testimony to creation’s permanence,
While Hollister peak reaches heavenward
Among a chorus of hills declaring their Maker’s praise.

I take my place among the wild things,
Blue herons standing stubbornly against the wind,
Playful otters cherishing their watery games,
Fox and deer, hawks and falcons, shark and egret,
And in every wild step I find peace, I walk
In morning light and rest in the grace of God’s world.

Words (c) 2012 Mark Lloyd Richardson
Photos (c) 2012 Dallis Day Richardson

P.S. This poem was originally written for Easter in 2004, and read at the small community sunrise service that met at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve in Los Osos, California. We met in the pre-dawn dark of Morro Bay and listened to the varied sounds of nature and felt the crisp early morning air draped in light fog as we sang and prayed and heard the Easter story of resurrection life!