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In my blogging collaboration with my wife Dallis, usually what happens is that I write something and pass it along to her to see if she has photos to accompany my writing. She has a lot of photos, and the natural world and its creatures are among her favorite subjects.

With this post, the process is reversed. Dallis gave me a photo of some birds camped out at the fountain in our backyard, and my job was to write something.

But I need your help. What do you think? Option A, B, or C? Cast your vote in the comment section below! You might even say why.

Garden fountain

Note: In the imaginary conversations below, little bird’s words are in italics!

Option A

“Isn’t water just the greatest?”

“It sure is! It’s so refreshing! It’s the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world! I’m so happy the inside people installed this outside bath just for us.”

“Me too!”

 (Cue James Brown singing, “I Feel Good!”)

Option B

“You know what I find amazing?”

“What’s that?”

“They can make a sky that goes on forever and ever, with hundreds of thousands of trees and branches for perching, but they can’t make a decent size bird pool! Simply amazing!”

Option C

“You see, little one, this is how the world works – bigger is better, might makes right, survival of the strongest, all that!”

“But this fountain is big enough for both of us.”

“No it isn’t. I like to spread out and move around. I like to marvel at the magnificence of myself! And I can’t do that with you hanging around. So, go find your own fountain.”