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Here is a Call to Worship for use on Trinity Sunday:

One: God is the music in our souls,

All: touching deep chords within us,

One: soothing our weary hearts,

All: connecting us with the melody of life.

One: The Spirit breathes grace through our world,

All: helping us to forgive one another,

One: convincing us that we are God’s own,

All: praying for us when we have lost all words.

One: Christ invites us into a full and generous life,

All: a compassionate and affirming life,

One: a life abounding in joy and peace,

All: a life that never loses sight of eternity.

One: Come, Holy Mystery, Three in One, and meet us here.

All: Come, and we will know true worship.

Words (c) 2008 Mark Lloyd Richardson
(Permission to use in worship with credit given.)