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Arboretum in Harrisonburg, Virginia

“There can be no peace between nations until there is peace between religions.  There can be no peace between religions until there is dialogue between religions.” ~ Hans Kung

Peace Invocation

God of all languages, peoples, and races,
God of Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, and Christian,
God of all who hold onto hope
and all who have stopped hoping,
God of hawk and dove, forgive us and help us.
Forgive our failure to live the vision of one human community.
For we know that peace is an act of remembering,
and war is an act of forgetting.
We have much work to do,
beginning today,
beginning in ourselves.
As we look into the eyes
of our sisters and brothers around the world
may we renew our commitment to them,
to each other,
and to peace.
In your many names. Amen.

Words (c) 2009 Mark Lloyd Richardson
Lower photo (c) 2012 Dallis Day Richardson