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In distant fields
keep silent watch over their flocks.
In long ago skies
come down to earth on bended wings.
In far away Bethlehem
a son of David
is born in a humble stable.

Some days
faith feels strangely distant,
tradition needs a good dusting off,
genealogies sink unnoticed into the past.
Some days
we honestly wonder
if we have misplaced our sense of wonder.

Then a star tumbles across the night sky,
a full moon leaps upon the stage,
a deer strides gracefully across our path,
a pelican performs a perfect dive,
a child laughs,
a friend cries,
a grandparent passes through the veil,
and we set our eyes upon the miracle that is life.
In the midst of this miracle
we are astonished again by grace,
we are captured anew by wonder.



Words (c) 2006 Mark Lloyd Richardson
Photos (c) 2012 Dallis Day Richardson