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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree weeks ago, my wife Dallis and I went to visit a local dog rescue organization called Operation Rescue. We had decided we were ready to have the companionship of a dog again in our home after nearly a year since the death of Sadie, our beloved Pomeranian.

We met a variety of dogs and interacted with them. However, the little guy pictured here grabbed at our heart strings from the moment we met him. He was calm, affectionate, and trusting, amazing attributes given his history. He had been found on the streets of our city not in good shape. The County Shelter took him in for a short time in case his owners came looking for him. After a few weeks he was scheduled for euthanasia. That’s when Operation Rescue came to the shelter and rescued him, among others.

We have enjoyed three weeks with our boy, whom we have named Bailey in honor of the character George Bailey played by Jimmy Stewart in the holiday favorite “It’s A Wonderful Life.” George Bailey needed to understand the difference his life made to those around him. I can assure you that the little Bailey who now runs around our house is making a difference to us.

Based on the best guesses of the rescue group and our vet’s office, he is a mix of Miniature Poodle and perhaps Shih Tzu (based on his ear coloring) and/or Havanese. We are pretty sure he is also part circus acrobat, high jumper, sprinter, therapist, and comedian!

Dogs invite us into a world where “now” matters!

Some of us need that reminder more than others.

Words (c) 2013 Mark Lloyd Richardson
Photo (c) 2013 Dallis Day Richardson