I don’t normally “Reblog” someone else’s writing. I am making an exception because I want to share the unique perspective of Sharon, someone I only know through the blogging community, and yet I feel a connection with her and her family because of the transparency of her writing and photography. Her blog consistently offers a window upon the world that is full of wonder and questioning, gratitude and awe, and these are the very qualities that I try to cultivate in my own life. So please enjoy this blog post from my friend Sharon! Blessings, Mark

A Leaf in Springtime


If this World were my classroom
I would greet each day as a lesson
I would treat each person as a teacher
And accept each moment as an opportunity to learn.

If this World were my classroom
I would sit very, very still
And pay close attention
So as not to miss a single thing.

I would peer excitedly
Into the pages of every new dawn
Like a newly opened

With reinvigorated anticipation
I would learn
That radiant acquiescence
Is the secret to contentment.

If this World were my classroom
I would try not to run ahead in impatience
Neither be held back by my own unbelief
For I would see with new eyes.

If this World were my classroom
I would learn to recognise
The false masters
Of Vain Imaginings and Idle Fancies. SONY DSC

When I gaze at the scattering stars above
The wonder that grips my soul

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