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DSCN0666Here is some liturgy I’ve written that we will use in worship on Pentecost Sunday this week. Feel free to use or adapt the words below.


Today we worship in the love of God,
a love that will not let us go,
a love that touches the deepest parts of our lives,
a love that sends us into the world.

Today we worship in the grace of Jesus Christ,
a grace that saves us and sets us free,
a grace that relieves our fears and worries,
a grace that leads us home to God.

Today we worship in the peace of the Spirit,
a peace that the world cannot give,
a peace that assures us we are not alone,
a peace that goes with us where we live and serve.



We believe in a loving God,
who is life’s breath for all of earth’s creatures,
who is the ground in which our lives flourish,
who is the mystery toward which we are drawn.

We believe in the risen Christ,
whose life is the way we see God made real,
whose death bears witness to the power of love,
whose presence nourishes our spirits each day.

We believe in the Holy Spirit,
who flows as a refreshing spring of life,
who comes as divine fire to energize the faithful,
who creates communities of joy and justice.

(Permission is granted to use or adapt these words in worship with credit noted)

Words (c) 2014 Mark Lloyd Richardson