I share these important words by a United Methodist colleague of mine, the Rev. Melinda Teter Dodge. We are involved in planning the October 10 event she mentions. It will be a celebration of marriage equality and a renewal of vows for those who were previously denied a wedding by the church because of the church’s official position forbidding same gender weddings. If you are in the Pasadena area (or San Diego or San Luis Obispo) on that day, please join us.
Also, since this is her first blog post on WordPress, here’s your chance to follow her or like the post or offer your words of support.
Grace and peace, Mark


Like you, perhaps, I am weary of the battle that is being waged in our church family.  And I am embarrassed that what so many of God’s people see and know as the United Methodist Church is that we harm people:

  • We charge clergy, bring them to trial and defrock them.
  • We excommunicate.
  • We silence burgeoning calls to ministry.
  • We injure our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters over and over again.
  • We alienate entire communities, families, and younger generations.

Yes, I am weary and embarrassed of this battle.  Moreover, my heart is extremely heavy knowing that I am part of a church, ordained by a church, that continues to injure deeply God’s people all the while proclaiming that we are following Jesus.

What the world sees of our church right now is not the hours and hours dedicated to ending homelessness or malaria.  What the world hears of our church right now…

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