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Moonshot, Photo credit: Dallis Richardson

Moonshot, Photo credit: Dallis Richardson

Have you ever been awakened by moonlight
so brilliant and full
in its muted illumination
that a breathless hope overcame you
from head to toe?

Have you ever considered the immense secrets
these nocturnal skies hold
about how our lives merge
into one life
one presence
one mystery
when all is said and done?

Or have you given up on hope
as you would a failed wish upon a star?

Have you closed your eyes to divine surprise?

Does your mind topple any mystery that comes along?

Early in the morning
not long ago
the moon poured suddenly through a western window
sprinkling blue and white droplets
over my sleep-covered eyes
bathing me
for a time
in its timeless memory.

I have no explanation.

Only gratefulness.

Words (c) 2015 Mark Lloyd Richardson