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This blessing
is not the one you expect.

who wonder 
if a time will ever come
when contentment
comes calling again.

who limp through most days
on legs weary 
from carrying
the heaviness of grief.

who look for signs
amid the trees
and birds of the air
that there is yet some life
able to flourish
and fly.

who struggle
with even the simplest things.

who have given up on the why,
and need to know how – 
how to be,
how to move,
how to breathe,
how to live.

The heart knows its way home.
It does.
The heart – 
your heart – 
has always hungered for wholeness,
has always delighted in joy,
has always longed for love,
has always looked for the truest way.

This blessing may not be 
the one you expect.
Yet it is the one you receive – 
even as your heart aches,
and healing seems slow,
and days long.

This blessing
meets you where you are
and remains with you – 
in the silent spaces,
in the open wounds,
in the private pain,
for as long as you need.

This blessing knows
that even though it seems impossible – 
you will be well again,
you will be whole again,
in the fullness of time.

~ Mark Lloyd Richardson
June 2021