What’s in a name?

In preparing to launch this blog, I needed to create a name for it, which I quickly discovered wasn’t an easy assignment. After a few false starts, I did a little research and learned that a blog name needs to be: readable, pronounceable, spellable, memorable, concise and unique – a tall order! As I considered how I approach life, I realized that the words dream (with close affinity to imagination) and pray and act are descriptive of how I understand who I am. If I were able to draw a picture here for you – dreaming (imagining) would lead to praying would lead to acting (doing) would lead back to dreaming and so on – a kind of interactive process of engaging real life from a spiritual center. Life is adventure, just as God intends it to be. Will we do our part in creating a more humane, just, and peaceable world?

Dream a world at peace
Dream tables of plenty for all
Dream an end of violence against innocents
Dream tanks beaten into combines
Dream happy children everywhere
Dream God’s dream of harmony
Dream a resurgence of the common good
Dream reconciliation
Dream undeserved, relentless grace
Dream blessing on all people

Pray honestly
Pray hopefully
Pray trusting in the sacred worth of each human being
Pray believing that God still speaks
Pray with a grateful heart
Pray with a broken heart
Pray for the poor and the rich
Pray for the sick and the well
Pray for the weak and the strong
Pray for all the world’s children

Act from a place of passion
Act where the world needs justice
Act where the world needs healing
Act while your heart aches
Act as though you are blessed
Act when you feel lost or alone
Act in the Spirit of the Christ
Act with courageous compassion
Act with humor and humility
Act without fear

Words (c) 2012 Mark Lloyd Richardson

1 thought on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Grant Calderwood said:

    Pastor Mark, I’m so happy that I found your blog. This seems like an excellent blog with very important, beneficial, and wonderful messages and lessons. I can’t wait to learn from this blog on all of your future posts, as well as go back on your past posts to see what they are about. Congratulations on having your own blog and God bless you, in every way.

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